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Fees must Fall leader Mcebo Dlamini will spend another night in police custody.
Wits #FeesMustFall leader to spend another night in jail

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Dlamini, who was arrested on Sunday morning, 16 October, after police raided student residences at the University of the Witwatersrand, made an appearance in the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Monday.

His court case was postponed until Tuesday, 18 October, when he will resume a bail application.

Clad in a green and white jersey with a white and black scarf on his shoulder, Dlamini, who is also a former Student Representative Council president, appeared calm throughout the proceedings.

His lawyer, Mongezi Ntanga, said Dlamini is charged with public violence, possession of dangerous weapons, theft and assault. It had earlier been reported that he faced a charge of assaulting a police officer.

When asked if he had any complaints, Dlamini said that besides the general horrible conditions in custody, he had no request but for his asthma medication.

The matter was postponed until Tuesday to give prosecutor Steven Rubin time to verify Dlamini’s details, including his home residence and date of birth.

“The only details we have are those of his residence. As varsities are due to close, I wanted to verify his details of permanent residence,” Rubin said.

The court had been told that Dlamini had a test scheduled for Tuesday, when he will again apply for bail.

A heavily armed member of the Tactical Response Team stationed at the door of court 5 ahead of Dlamini’s appearance dissuaded the movement of people in and out of the room.

When one protester asked to go to the bathroom, he shouted: “No, you can’t go out. If you want out you are out, you can’t come back in here.”

Outside court, a large number of students sat on the benches.

Anglican Bishop of Pretoria Jo Seoka, who has been a supporter of the Fees Must Fall movement, was also present.

“I am just here to see what exactly it is that is happening. I am here to offer my support. I haven’t spoke to him [Mcebo] yet, but I will,” he said.

Nine other students arrested at the weekend were to appear at the Hillbrow Magistrates Court.

Source: The Times